WardBook is a cross-platform, task management app, which improves communication and reduces human error in hospitals.

An Urgent Need

12,000 preventable deaths

each year in the nhs

89% of Doctors

admit to losing their sheets

72% agree

need to digitise handover
In the UK alone, over 12,000* patients die each year from hospital errors.

Currently, the only ward management tool we have as doctors, is a piece of paper. These “patient lists” hold confidential patient information and are often misplaced.

There is a need for a safe and effective way to handover important tasks in hospitals.

MadeByMedics™ Solution


MadeByMedics™ is patient-centric, putting the patient back at the centre of our focus, whilst releasing time for busy ward staff by making communication simpler, quicker and safer.

An Animation: – “Where’s My Patient List?”

An app that helps to save lives

MadeByMedics believes in a novel solution: Using computer software to reduce human error in hospitals.


The solution is available via DESKTOP, TABLET or MOBILE PHONE, allowing doctors to easily access VITAL info


The list can be updated EASILY throughout the day, increasing RELIABILITY of information.

Task Allocation

Tasks can be sent QUICKLY, to the most APPROPRIATE team member, reducing TIME TO ACTION.


Tasks can be TRACKED by the ward team in real-time, allowing staff to PRIORITISE their tasks effectively.


Finally, we have real-time UNDERSTANDING of what is happening on our wards.


This understanding will allow for better management of our DAY-TO-DAY activities, further improving the safety of our patients.

Who we are


MadebyMedics™ was founded because Dr Michelle Teo, an NHS medical doctor, felt that more could be done to safeguard patients.


Jacopo Marcantonio and Yazid Bouhass have previously developed software that has won awards for user-experience and data security.



Meet Our Team




Founder & COO


Founder & CTO

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